F1 Challenge

16575_640522352626067_1121142253_n              946291_640525449292424_261438204_nF1 Team Challenge Activity

This F1 theme team building event incorporates communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of your team whilst building the ultimate model kit car, an almost full scale Formula One racing car!

Using time effectively is paramount for you and all the other equally determined teams.

 Working from a set of construction plans, each Formula 1 team has to rally their collective skills to turn a ‘flat-pack’ IKEA style kit of materials into the ultimate cardboard driving machine and at the same time, create human-horsepower aiming for perfect synchronisation, an ultimate team building challenge.

As in reality, much can go wrong, so testing and modification are a continuous process, as is practicing pit stop changes and grid starts. Once construction is complete the Formula 1 teams embellish their cars with brand advertising, corporate messages and company values.

998037_640524949292474_1314144331_nThe event concludes with the eagerly anticipated head to head racing grand prix. Finally, the teams line up on the gird and its go go go! All the team efforts will be over in a flicker as the lights change and all teams compete for the chequered flag!

*Eventurous own and operate all equipment offered in our  F1 Challenge delivering high quality outdoor corporate team building events*