Build a Boat Team Challenge

Build a Boat Team Challenge

Teams are faced with the prospect of taking to the water in a cardboard box!

Sounds impossible, but with a surprisingly unique array of unlikely construction materials at their disposal, teams will soon learn that anything is possible. A combination of team work and team networking amongst the group will allow them to collaborate with ideas in design and construction to achieve their goal of creating a sea worthy racing vessel.

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The Card Board Regatta will not only see team’s co-ordinating their planning of their boats but will also see them challenging one another’s innovative vessels in the team Regatta. This is the true test of the team’s achievements as the crews carefully step on board and the boats are launched onto the water by their colleagues. The Card Board Regatta begins with the time trials when crews are challenged to record the fastest times between the buoys. The exciting finale of the Regatta sees all boats gathering for the big event. With team mates and colleagues supporting from the shore line, there’s high expectations for the crews passing the finishing line!

This water based team event doesn’t have to be the highlight of the summer as we can stage this event at any suitable indoor water facility making it available all year round!

  • Motivational & Challenging
  • Fun & Energising
  • Planning & Leadership
  • Team Dynamics




Using limited resources teams must build their very own boats, which must transport the team to their resources for the next task if twinned with the Raft Building Activity, or be sea worthy enough to compete in a number of races against the other teams and see which team with the crowned the lords of the lake!