Boldly Go

Boldly Go Team Activity.      This outdoor team building event is a series of physical and cerebral team challenges and tasks based around the construction of a fully working team rocket. The group will be divided into teams where they will take part in the activities and depending on how successful they are on the challenges and tasks, certain parts of their model rocket will be awarded to the team in an attempt to fly their rocket the furthest.

What is unique about To Boldly Go as a team building activity event is that not all the teams succeed to the same degree creating a noted difference in parts awarded therefore testing their ability to construct their rocket with sometimes limited or completely different items compared to other teams.

As well as being successful on the activities to earn the rocket parts, the teams must also use their combined skill and creativity to produce a self propelled rocket from potentially limited resources. This creates an eagerly awaited rocket launch finale where the atmosphere is tense – how far will your rocket go?

The results of teams hard work are truly amazing as the rockets are finally launched and fly in all directions and distances to discover which teams have excelled in the challenge that is To Boldly Go.

*Eventurous own and operate all equipment offered in our To Boldly Go event delivering high quality outdoor corporate team building events*