Power Boating Team Activities

Corporate Water Sports and Power Boating  

See also *Corporate water based team building activities*

Our corporate water sports and power boating activity and experience event days can take place at our Midlands venues and also suitable venues around the UK. This is a refreshing and exhilarating choice of corporate entertainment as we offer you the chance to take to the water in ZapCat power boats and Hover Pod hover crafts.

Depending on numbers, your group can be divided into teams during this event or smaller groups can be kept together to participate in these thrilling and exhilarating water based activities which are also available as half day activity, full day activity or as part of a **multi activity event**

ZapCat power boating experience

Eventurous own and operate one of Britain’s few inland fleet of ZapCat racing boats and the all new Hover Pod hover craft experience! Experience the thrill of power boat racing on our ZapCat race boats with our corporate powerboat experience days.

Developed from life saving surf rescue craft for racing and leisure, the ZapCat power boating experience is designed to be a challenging day event. The unique fully inflatable power boat with a catamaran tunnel hull design means the ZapCat is incredibly stable when afloat, whether stationary or at speed throughout the experience. A ZapCat power boat experience also gives the user the ability to reach speeds and carry out maneuvers that simply could not be attempted by other power boat craft of a similar size, pulling in excess of 2 G in the tightest of corners! Given expert instruction in the art of racing these mean machines you will pitch your nerves against your colleagues in a series of time trials and competitions.

Hovercraft experience

The all new Hover Pod experience utilises our newest acquisitions in these unique leisure craft. Hover Pods are hover crafts with steering bars to make handling easier and can also carry upto two passengers unlike regular hover craft. A fantastic water based activity which can also be run on land and a combination of land and water as these machines literally fly anywhere. Once you have mastered the technique of controlling these powerful machines with the help of our experienced instructors it’s time to hit the lake and test your new driving talent!

All our boats and safety equipment supplied is to international safety standards, all conforming with the current RYA standards. All our boat instructors are fully experienced and qualified to current RYA standards.

*Eventurous own and operate all equipment offered in our water sport events*

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