Motorised Activities

Motorised Activities

Corporate off road and team driving activities.

We have a vast selection of adrenalin injected off road driving experience days, motorised events and 4×4 activities.  Our Mud and Gears corporate off road driving event provides a complete hospitality package leaving you and your guests free to relax and have fun on this non-stop action packed event which gives participants a chance to have a go at a selection of off road driving activities.

Patriot Buggys

Twin seater off-road racing buggies

belfry-8731 belfry-8789 belfry-8792 belfry-8826

Powerturn Buggys

Twin seater buggies powered by twin engines and throttles

  belfry-8886 _MG_1283 DSCN5222 DSCI0033

Quad Bikes

4 wheeled obstacle course test

DSCN5889 DSCN5825 _MG_3845 _MG_3846

Reverse Steer Mowers

Reverse steer driving ability test

_MG_1026 mower 1 011 DSCI0053

Blindfold Landrover Driving

Blindfolded team navigation challenge

Eventurous (6) laughing blind DSCI0004 DSCI0008

Grass Go Karts

Low ground, fast and furious racing grass karts

_MG_1040  DSCN5224 DSCN5227 two karts


A self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels

DSCN0428 DSCN0507 DSCN5127 DSCN5131


_MG_3828 DSC02217 DSC02922 DSC03009

4×4 Off Road Driving

Rage Buggies

Rage Buggy Corporate Rage Buggy DSCI0001 DSCI0003

JCB Test

DSCI0004c (2) DSCI0004c (9) standard_life_058 DSCN5217

As we own and operate all the motorised and off road driving equipment ourselves, we can ensure you get the best safety instruction whilst tuition from our professional instructors has the emphasis strongly on your guests gaining as much hands on experience of some fun off road driving machines as possible.

Our Mud and Gears event will include all sorts of different off road vehicles and machines enabling guests of all abilities and ages to spend time learning the varying driving techniques for each motorised activity – full safety briefings, practice sessions, time trials, skill tests, and team relays and races will then be the order of the day as the group in teams compete around this ultimate corporate driving event. Our Mud and Gears corporate driving event is the most complete motorised package experience around, which incorporates full event management, experienced marshals and event instructors, team rotation and scoring systems, relevant safety briefings  and equipment, marquees and attractive course and event plan layouts.

Mud and Gears corporate off road driving activities available:

Patriot Evo3 – two crew off road race buggy

Powerturn 411’s – twin seater buggy powered by twin engines and throttles

Grass track Go Karts – low ground fast and furious

Quad Bike course – 4 wheeled obstacle test

Hover Pods – hover craft flights

Reverse Steer Mowers – ability test

Segways – 2 wheel electric buggy

Blind Driving – blindfold team navigation

4×4 Off Road – available at our Midlands venue and any suitable venue in the UK

Our corporate off road driving events are ideal for any amount of participants, and are available at our onsite venue and at venues all around the UK.

*Eventurous own and operate all equipment offered in our mud & gears events*

Please contact our events team on 0845 456 1473 or contact us for a proposal & cost.