Sphero Skills

Sphero Skills is Eventurous’ brand new, Team Building and Evening Entertainment, high tech super fun activity!

Introducing the brand new must have gadget, the amazing Sphero Ball! http://www.gosphero.com/

The Sphero ball is an incredibly smart robot that is controlled by an iPad, we have developed a range of team building activities that use this fantastic robot!

Our Sphero team games include:

  • Sphero assault course that includes tricky tunnels, crazy u bends , a seesaw bridge and giant ramps to grab huge air! Teams compete to try and master the assault course in the fastest time however with lots of Sphero balls on the course at the same time things can get very competitive!
  • Sphero Stadium Build! Based on an old classic The Great Build with a new twist! Teams must work together at first to build a giant race track using mostly cardboard and a few other materials, the pieces of track that the teams build then link together to create the course and the races can begin with the Sphero balls speeding around the track to the cheers of the crowd who will win the Sphero Grand Prix?
  • The classic game of “tag” updated to the 21st century! Teams use their Sphero to tag other balls for point and must avoid loosing points by getting tagged by the other teams!

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