Samba Beats Drumming

Samba Beats Drumming

Eventurous’s Samba Beats drumming event presents an upbeat, highly energised interactive team building event or a breath taking way to kick off or close a conference!

Samba Beats Drumming Band on Stage

Drumming has been used for thousands of years, whenever people gather together, in celebration, before battle or to mark an occasion, they use drumming. The reason for this is that drumming is a powerful way to get people to synchronize their energy, and to connect with each other. It allows people to feel the effect that the group energy has on them making Samba Beats a truly memorable and revitalising team building event.

Eventurous’s Samba Beats drumming team building events are infectious and people cannot help but get involved – you get to see a different side to your guests, where even the most reserved delegates transform with a smile from ear to ear!

Samba Beats Drumming Motion Samba Beats Drumming Shakers Samba Beats Drumming Drums Samba Beats Drumming kit

This corporate group event begins with an introductory session aimed at both breaking the ice, and developing some basic musical skills with everybody involved. This creates a sense of trust that the workshop is not going to be awkward or too challenging. The energy levels are raised and we tap into people’s innate sense of musicality.

Depending on the event format, the delegates may be divided into teams, each of them learning different pieces including parts of a team combined orchestral chorus. For this we will use an array of different instruments and teach the required musical techniques.

The groups will all get to perform their piece in front of the others. Then finally after showcasing what the delegates have learned to their colleagues, teams play all the pieces in unison as a grand finale culminating into a fantastic energetic crescendo!

Samba Beats Drumming Tim Samba Beats Drumming Guests Samba Beats Drumming guests smiling Samba Beats Drumming Cow Bell

Our Samba Beats Drumming team building event perfect for:

Opening or closing a conference

Business meeting energiser

Corporate Team building activity

Awards or incentive events

Product launches

Our corporate Samba Beats Drumming indoor team building event is ideal for any amount of participants, and is available at our onsite Midlands venue and at venues all around the UK.

Eventurous supply all equipment used in our corporate Samba Beats Drumming event delivering a high quality corporate indoor team building event.

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