Create & Paint

Create & Paint

Our Create and Paint indoor team building event is a completely versatile corporate conference and team activity that can be run in the venue of your choice anywhere throughout the UK. The challenge is to set individuals the task of developing and combining their artistic and creative skills throughout their teams to produce a stunningly visual piece of quality art work.

The catch is that each team is only making a small section of the overall jigsaw style painting, receiving two large canvases per team onto which they must scale up from an exact copy their given part of the image. This is where the communication and team work starts. Intriguingly, teams are not shown the complete finished picture so they must network with all the other teams in order to match up their individual segments.

With a limited time frame to produce the canvases it is imperative that teams work together towards the dead line and the eagerly anticipated un-veiling of their master piece – in a parallel that is often similar to the workplace, it is only when the pieces of art from all the teams come together that the overall success of the bigger picture becomes apparent.

Create and Paint is an ideal choice if you are looking at focusing your team on striving towards one common goal, promoting network skills and developing communication and overall group objectives. The overall picture created can also be used as a tool to convey or enforce a company message, corporate logo or business goal.

We have the skill to design contemporary and bespoke pieces of artworks relevant to clients business or conference messages as well as offering some well known pieces of artwork to choose from.

Our corporate Create and Paint indoor team building events are ideal for any amount of participants, and are available at our onsite Midlands venue and at venues all around the UK.

Eventurous own and operate all equipment used in our corporate Create and Paint delivering a high quality corporate indoor team building event.

Please contact our event team or call us 0845 456 1473 to start your own Create & Paint.