Hover crafts for coporate events

Our new Hov Pods are far stronger, more buoyant than fibre glass hovercrafts; they are a lot more rugged and stronger so perfectly suited for corporate use.

Hov Pods and Hover Craft are designed to reach breath-taking speeds on a range of flat surfaces including water, ice, snow, sand, mud, and grass.

Teams will be given a full briefing by our professional instructors, however the Hov Pod, it is designed to be easy to use and after 10 minutes you will have mastered the basics of hovering.

Teams will compete in a time trials competition to find the top Hov Pod driver of the day.

Eventurous is able to provide these Hov Pods on both land and water for your corporate event.

Hov Pods can be included as part of a Teambuilding day, Mud & Gears motorised event, or Multi Activity day.

Or why not include it on your Water sports event or Zap cat event, so you can take to the Water on a Hovercraft!

Our hover catfts ate avaiable at suitable venues throughtout the UK and we can operate them on the water at our Midlands waterfront location or at many of our Midlands partner venues.

Please contact our events team on 0845 456 1473 or contact us for a proposal & cost.