Fun Fair Side Stall Games

Side Stall Games

Create a real carnival atmosphere at your next event.

Our stalls come supplied with a trained costumed friendly operator and 50 giveaways. Additional giveaways and prizes can be supplied at an additional cost.

Our A-Z of funfair stalls page

Eventurous have a large number of fete style side stalls, great for corporate events, theme parties, team tournaments and works charity fundraising days.

All of the stalls in this section are supplied with friendly staff, and come with giveways but you can upgrade to a range of prizes, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Coconut Shy – A traditional coconut shy with sides and back stop, 4 metal stands and plenty of wooden balls.

Angry Birds  –  Following on from the internet craze, can you defeat the green pigs with our angry birds side stall?  Theme stall that can be supplied with angry bird prizes.

Hoopla – The traditional fete game whereby you toss rings over the wooden base and the prize to win.  This is a complete freestanding professional looking stall with an optional canopy.

Cork Guns – Test your aim and try to knock down the targets using our cork guns. A fantastic stall that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Darts – Score 39 or more win or any double to win.  A freestanding stall  all our stalls are  suitable for indoor or outdoors use.  You may want to give away promotional merchandise we can arrange this for you, please contact us for ideas.

Tin can alley…….. All six cans off the shelf to win a prize.

Splat the Rat – The rat is sent on his way down the pipe, but can you whack him before he pops out the end?  A prize awaits those who can……  This is also available with or without a canopy.

Test of strength – Use the giant hammer and all your strength to try and ring the bell to win the top prize!

Ball in the bucket – The name of the game says it all really, but it’s not so easy to do!  Get it in to win!

Food Stalls

Candy floss – Fluffy, pink and tasty candy floss is produced time and time again from our professional machine.  This is can be used as a prize at any of the above stalls.

Popcorn stall – Hot, freshly popped popcorn from our professional machine.  This is can be used as a prize at any of the above stalls.