Culinary Challenges

Culinary Challenges

Eventurous provides a wide range of culinary challenges and activities available at the location of your choice such as:  Sushi & Canapes Workshop, Chocolate Workshop, and even more to bring people together through food and fun! – without the need of being in a kitchen.


Sushi Workshop Find out more 1

After an expert demo by our Sushi chefs its up to the teams to come up with their very own creations! This intriguing Asian cooking style event culminates in the ‘Taste Off’ and the chance to impress the judges.

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Chocolate Workshop Find out more 1

Eventurous ‘Choccy Workshop’ in action! No laborious lectures about chocolate here as our team of chocolatiers gets everyone stuck in to creating their very own choccy treats! This fun activity is available throughout the UK at any chocolate loving venue.

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Wine Tasting Game Find out more 1

Whether you’re looking to entertain clients, a teambuilding event or a conference icebreaker our Wine Tasting Game is perfect. Swirling, sniffing and slurping is the name of the game as your guests sample a variety of wines from around the world trying to match the bag numbers with the correct descriptions. Our wine tasting game can also be enhanced with our ‘mystery champagnes’ where guests get to sample fantastic champagnes!

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Beer Tasting Team Event Find out more 1

Get the chance to sample a wonderful range of Britains finest micro brewery beers on this informatively fun experience. An ideal pre dinner activity event hosted by our very own exclusive micro brewers, the Beer Tasting experience delivers tasting, sipping, swirling and quizzing in a relaxed and fun manner – a great way to kick start the evening!

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Our corporate cooking team events are ideal for any amount of participants, and are available at our onsite Midlands venue and at venues all around the UK.


Please call us on 0845 456 1473 for more information.