The Background

Within the United Kingdom, Sky UK is the leading entertainment brand, well-known for its pay-TV broadcasting and variety of telecommunication services. So, when this innovative business contacted Eventurous for team building activities, we knew they would expect clear results that inspired and motivated their staff.

When asked about their objective for the team building day, Sky UK responded that they had the goal of bringing their operations teams and sales teams closer together.

As team building event experts, we immediately understood the reasons behind this objective.

When teams work in isolation, they can often struggle to understand how their role relates to other departments and the business as a whole. Bringing teams together in a collaborative exercise helps them to gain a rounded view of the organisation’s work and the challenges of each team; motivating them to support each other and develop that vital ‘we are all in this together’ spirit.

The Challenge

With the objective of improving team bonds between the operations and sales teams, we knew that a collaborative team building exercise would be required, however, with Sky’s large gathering of 600 employees, all together in one room, would it be possible?

In addition to this, the activity would fall within the afternoon session, giving Eventurous only 1 hour to prepare the room and materials for the 600 delegates.

After taking into consideration the chosen venue of the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in central London, and consultation with the representative from Sky, we settled on the ideal team building activity Bridge the Divide.

The large indoor conference room available at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel would be ideal for bringing all the delegates together for this fun and highly engaging activity. Using precision planning and expert co-ordination, our team would then set-up the activity and be ready to deliver the 3 hours of content.

Sky Chooses to Bridge the Divide

An ideal indoor activity for large groups, Bridge the Divide provided a great way for Sky as a large organisation to help develop better communication skills and trust within teams.

In this hands-on activity, delegates formed teams, joining with people from various departments to help get to know each other better. Together these teams set to work to interpret a design brief and with the materials provided, built their section of an elevated race track, adding their own personal touch with fun obstacles and decorations.

However, the teams couldn’t succeed if they worked in isolation. To make sure the entire construction would link together, each team had to collaborate with the next; working together to attach their sections, overcome unexpected barriers and support each other to finish a strong and stable structure.

Everyone was soon engaged in the exciting challenge and with every person co-operating and problem solving, they soon developed a clear ‘we are all in this together’ spirit.

To conclude the event, the teams took part in a fun series of team relay races, using iPads to control the incredible Sphero gyroscopic balls to race around the huge elevated track.

The Result

As the impressive final structure came together, the teams appreciated the metaphors involved – that it needed everyone, operations and sales to play a vital role in achieving the overall goals.

Sky UK had this to say about the event:

“The event worked really well and generated a great atmosphere and managed to engage all the delegates. The actual build was impressive and filled the ballroom!  We were impressed with how professional the Eventurous team were and would not hesitate to utilise again”

Do you have a large number of employees and are looking to bring your teams closer together? Why not consider Eventurous and Bridge the Divide as part of your next conference or event?

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