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Patriot EVO3 buggy – fancy a spin?

The Buggy

The Patriot EVO3 is a twinned seat off road buggy based on the classic dune buggy style and look that we are all generally aware of. The Patriot has a few innovative characteristics of its own, the main being the transferable steering column.

Although at first not entirely noticeable, the steering wheel is designed in such a way that the driver can pull a release knob fitted directly into the centre of the steering wheel and literally pass the wheel over to the passenger to use. With duplicate brake and accelerator pedals fitted on both sides of the cab this brilliant piece of design and engineering allows the two passengers in the vehicle more valuable time within the machine as this device saves the trouble of passengers having to de-harness, exit the buggy, swap sides, re enter the buggy and re-harness. Instead passengers literally bring the buggy to a standstill, drop it into neutral apply the handbrake, stay in their seats, pull the knob and swing the wheel over and then off they go again.

Powered by a 600cc Kohler engine, uncovered and fitted directly behind the passenger seats, the Patriot gives those in it the power and noise of a truly adrenalin pumping experience.


Patriot Evo III

Patriot in action at Middleton House Farm


The Kit

Wether as a passenger or driver the standard kit whilst experiencing this ride will of course be a full face race helmet (compulsory). This must be fitted correctly regarding size, comfort and visibility and also must be fitted securely. Goggles, gloves and protective clothing are optional as weather and other driving conditions determine whether these items are required.


Partriot Evo Motorised activity Driver and passenger ready to go



Good instruction to passengers is essential with the Patriot Buggy as is with any form of motor sport. Once observing, understanding and acknowledging the safety briefing from the instructor, riders are to show instructor where the brake, accelerator and cut out switch are located on the machine before driving away, whilst all spectators to remain within a designated safety area.


X FactorRacing for the best time!



Do it!

The Patriot off Road Buggy event can be run as individual time trials or a team relay; both events require team communication and help boost teambuilding and individual social skills.

These  twinned  seat dune buggies are great fun but require skill and a cool head if you’re going to get a top time on a demanding off-road course which is sure to get the adrenaline flowing.


Flying around the corner at high speedTeam getting their helmets on


Find out more!

More information about our Patriots and other off road buggies can be found here on our Motorised Activities Page


More pictures of this a other events can be found on our social media pages:

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