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Longbow Archery – Have you tried your hand at Longbow Archery?




Guests taking part in Long Bow Archery at Middleton House Farm







Often, the impression people get when seeing archery for the first time, is that it would be too difficult for them because they do not have the strength to pull a bow. This is entirely wrong, because bows are made in different strengths to suit all types of physique, from young children to very strong men and women. In fact there are archers of almost every capability and disability. Blind people, paraplegics, even people with one or no arms, are all able to enjoy the thrill of sending an arrow through the air to the target. Archery is truly a sport for all.


The first step

Archery equipment is powerful and can be lethal. You first need to be taught how to use it properly, so that you do not injure yourself or other people. Archery has a very fine record of safety which is guarded very strictly with rules of shooting. For this reason, if no other, newcomers to the sport are recommended to start with proper tuition. Later, when you are ready you will be given advice by the coach on which equipment will suit you and where to buy it.



So, a few golden rules of archery .

Never use a bow that is too heavy for you to pull easily.

Always use arrows which are the correct length for you.

Always loosen up your muscles before you are going to work them, and in the case of archery, this means the upper torso muscles. Keep them loose, otherwise you will get strains or even perhaps serious muscle injury.

Archery is a skill which has to be learned under proper supervision and tuition.


Properly done, archery is safe and it is fun so give it a go!




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