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Fun Casino

An example of our 8-table Fun casino at Hinckley Island Hotel



Fun Casino

Many of us have experienced a night at the Casino and there are also many of us that haven’t! Some of us need the thrill and excitement of trying to win big, but what about those of us wanting to enjoy the buzz and excitement of a casino but without the personal financial risk?

What is a Fun casino?

Fun casinos are increasingly becoming a very popular form of client and company staff entertainment both in the private and corporate sector. Fun casinos can be implemented in many situations and for many practical purposes. So, what are they? Its simple, forget any money changing hands for chips – there’s no risk as Fun casinos legally cannot use money to gamble. Now, take a variety of full sized gaming tables, quality gambling chips, ex-pro or professionally trained staff and croupiers, attractive table decor and lighting, make this all mobile and you have a Fun casino.

How can Fun casinos be used?

Where do we start! Predominantly fun casinos are ideal for after dinner and evening entertainment as either a standalone event or as part of a themed event – your classic is a Vegas evening or a Bond theme within any venue or facility. Fun casinos are flexible enough in that they can also be utilised in team building or sales incentive drives and as a staff motivation tool. With the element of attempting to increase a fictional sum of fun money individuals or teams of people can play the tables as part of a hypothetical team based experience.

A successful Fun casino

When implemented correctly i.e. set up professionally, attractively and run properly, all in all, they are good fun and have constantly proved to be successful in the corporate and private sector.

Always remember that there’s no risk to anybody financially, and that said gives everybody the opportunity…and excuse to join in!

casino 1

 Zoe our croupier taking bets on the Roulette table

casino 2

 A four table show in a Jaguar car sales room Birmingham

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