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Clay Pigeon Shooting – give it a go!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Have you ever considered having a go at clay pigeon shooting? I hope this gives you the impetus to give it a try as it’s really popular with us as an events and team building company.

Clay Pigeon shooting is one of the most popular forms of shotgun shooting today as it is a satisfying sport in itself and also forms excellent practise for all forms of game shooting. The best clay pigeon shots are amongst the most skilled shooters in the world at any type of target.


Taking aim on the clay Clay Shooting with instructor outdoor team event


The Clay

The targets are 4.5’’ diameter saucers of baked pitch and chalk which are thrown from a mechanical catapult called a trap. Their shape, together with the spin imparted by the throwing arm, produces a steady soaring flight. Clay pigeons hurtle from the traps at over 40m.p.h. and it is very satisfying to see them disappear into puffs of dust when you are on target.


Clay shooting corporate event Outdoor team event clays


Clay pigeon shooting is lively, enjoyable and challenging and it combines the innate desire to try ones skill at hitting a moving target with the satisfaction of handling a gun, the social atmosphere and the opportunity to shoot in friendly competition if you wish.


Shooting is a fascinating sport which has both practical application and pure enjoyment value. To get the most out of it, you must be prepared to learn to shoot well, to shoot safely and act responsibly.

Clay shooting gun The target clays ready to be loaded into the trap Clay shooting sign

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