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An Olympic Success? ….of course!

So there we have it, London and the rest of the country pulls it off! From the opening ceremony and closing Paralympic ceremony we did Britain proud, not to mention our volunteers and athletes! The sport, too, quickly inspired Britain with gold medals rolling in, lifting Team GB to a comfortable third in the medals table, behind only China and the States. That sporting success for our home nation was bound to go down well, but there were some worries.

Industry panic.

Lets face it, there was a slight amount of negativity and nervousness from within the corporate events industry regards availability and access within Olympic city’s, venues and areas. Companies such as ourselves that were actively supplying, hosting, recommending and utilising these areas for clients upto and during the Olympics did get a bit nervous as to what was going to happen to event demand. I clearly remember this time last year (February 2012) listening in on the transport minister at a client AGM telling us how the roads and transport systems in London were going to be flowing and there wouldn’t be any major problems if all ran to plan, and then in the next breathe our major haulage customers transport manager telling us the opposite and to not go anywhere near London under no circumstances! The last time I remember a panic like this was the run up to 2000….the millennium bug…..remember?

Kick start the economy?

In the end, the transport network withstood the extra pressure, and the security staff did their job, so the unusual calm in central London had been ideal for those who did venture in to see the sights and also those like ourselves who took the bookings and delivered our Olympic themed events and activities during that spell. With the legacy element of the Olympics not proving itself until a few years yet, lets hope that the ‘inspiration of a nation’ kick starts the economy.
Well done London and well done Britain!
The Eventurous team doing the ‘Bolt’ at an Olympic themed event in July, Telford
Group of ‘athletes’ after an Olympic Indoor team
olympic 3
Outdoor Olympics Games event in August, London
olympic 4
The winning team of our Office Olympic Games event August, Birmingham
Kurt gets to hold a torch courtesy of ‘Blind’ Dave Heeley July, London

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