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Clay Pigeon Shooting – give it a go!

laser clay shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting Have you ever considered having a go at clay pigeon shooting? I hope this gives you the impetus to give it a try as it’s really popular with us as an events and team building company. Clay Pigeon shooting is one of the most popular forms of shotgun shooting today as itContinue reading →

Patriot EVO3 buggy – fancy a spin?

Patriot Evo III

The Buggy The Patriot EVO3 is a twinned seat off road buggy based on the classic dune buggy style and look that we are all generally aware of. The Patriot has a few innovative characteristics of its own, the main being the transferable steering column. Although at first not entirely noticeable, the steering wheel isContinue reading →

An Olympic Success? ….of course!

So there we have it, London and the rest of the country pulls it off! From the opening ceremony and closing Paralympic ceremony we did Britain proud, not to mention our volunteers and athletes! The sport, too, quickly inspired Britain with gold medals rolling in, lifting Team GB to a comfortable third in the medalsContinue reading →

Fun Casino

An example of our 8-table Fun casino at Hinckley Island Hotel     Fun Casino Many of us have experienced a night at the Casino and there are also many of us that haven’t! Some of us need the thrill and excitement of trying to win big, but what about those of us wanting toContinue reading →

Longbow Archery – Have you tried your hand at Longbow Archery?

      Guests taking part in Long Bow Archery at Middleton House Farm             Often, the impression people get when seeing archery for the first time, is that it would be too difficult for them because they do not have the strength to pull a bow. This is entirelyContinue reading →

Eventurous Sponsor & Host Macmillan Cancer & St Giles Hospice Event

For the fourth year running the team from Eventurous are delighted to have offered our services in running the entertainments element of this annual event. Set up and run by our ex employee Edward Buckley this regular event continues to grow in success year after year not just in donations but also in the numbersContinue reading →