Blindfold Land Rover Drive

Highly dangerous on the M25, but safe in the middle of a field!


Blindfold Land Rover driving is a true test of trust and communication, this team building challenge involves the team taking it in turn to “navigate” one of their colleagues, who will be driving a 4×4 vehicle blindfolded, around a course.

This event incorporates a range of teambuilding skills improving listening skills, verbal communication skills, and coordination skills.  After a full briefing on how to control the Land Rover, it’s time for the blindfold to be pulled on and the fun begins!

Calm, relaxed, crystal clear instructions are needed to make sure that the driver keeps a cool head otherwise it could all go wrong!


Effective at building communication and trust between colleagues, and a great laugh to boot, Blindfold Land Rover Driving is an excellent team building activity!

Blindfold Land Rover Driving is a great activity as part of a Teambuilding day, Mud & Gears motorised event, Multi Activity day or Country Pursuits event.

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