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We all know that London is pretty cool, but we’ll bet you’ve never heard of some of these unique venues. Choosing the ideal venue should not only be about size, or location, but also about inspiring your guests, and encouraging them to embrace your event. Whether you’re looking for some team building in the city,
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Building strong teamwork skills are essential in every organisation, no matter your job title or industry. Working together in groups leads to better results than working alone, and that’s why company directors are looking to employ people with excellent team building skills, as well as fostering these skills in their employees.   What is teambuilding?
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As it turns out, a work-from-home arrangement is more popular in the UK than other European countries. While the UK lags in some other areas relating to COVID-era precautions, a report by iNews shows that a higher percentage of people in the UK are avoiding working away from home. Without a doubt, there are benefits to working
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We’re a bit biased about team building (obviously) but that’s because we know that it works. Team building isn’t just an excuse to get out of the office (although it’s easy to find one from our range of outdoor activities!), nor is it as awkward and boring as often depicted on TV. It can be